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"Curiosity is the wick in the candle of learning."
William Arthur Ward


Our Story



GEARED TO LEARN  was created after recognizing the strong need for a program to support students of varying abilities and learning styles in the Las Vegas Valley. As Learning Specialists, we are skilled and experienced in providing learning strategies to students who struggle with learning differences. Our passionate and dedicated educators provide one-on-one remediation to give students intensive support that meets their individual needs. We understand the importance of partnering with you as parents, classroom teachers, and outside professionals to meet the academic needs of all students. Additionally, we screen and support at-risk or underperforming students to identify possible learning differences, conducting classroom observations as needed.



At GEARED TO LEARN, we understand each child's strengths and challenges. Helping children to become self-advocates and teaching them how they learn, creates the path for their ongoing success. Administering assessments to establish a baseline of learning allows us to create a program best suited for your child. We are available to conduct observations of your child in their school environment to identify problematic areas.  



When children learn something using more than one sense, the information is more likely to stay with them. Multisensory learning can be particularly helpful for kids with learning and attention issues. 

Using multiple senses (hearing, touch, movement and sight) to make language connections gives kids more ways to connect with what they’re learning. This type of hands-on learning can make it easier for children to:

  • Collect information
  • Make connections between new information and what they already know
  • Understand and work through problems
  • Use nonverbal problem-solving skills

Multisensory teaching helps meet the varying needs of all kids and provides all children with the chance for success!


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Every student has unique needs for support. Tell me more about what you are hoping a Learning Specialist can do for your child.

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